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Industrial automation isn’t just a media buzzword. It’s a fact of modern life, as new automation replaces human labour. Industrial automation isn’t just robots, either. It’s a whole class of technologies. Some automated systems are designed to deliver multiple operations, too.

Industrial Automation Basics

Industrial automation in Brisbane has been described as the “new Industrial Revolution”. That description barely does justice to the new systems. Industrial automated systems may perform multiple roles, and in many cases, are configured to switch operations from the production of one product to another very quickly. In China, automated systems are typically designed to deliver multiple services for different types of industrial production, for example.

If you’re getting the impression that these systems are extremely complex and versatile, you’re quite right. An added degree of difficulty enters the equation and terms of the different types of specialisation involved in each automated system. Your computer, tablet, iPhone, and even basic household appliances are typically manufactured by these systems.

The Economics of Industrial Automation

Economically, there has never been anything like the current form of industrial automation. Industrial automation is responsible for producing more products cheaper and faster than ever before. These economics are the drivers of automation, and are likely to be the basis of future human economics, too.

Cheaper production means greater availability of products across a much wider global market. Industrial automation is really the natural successor to mass production and its effects are wide ranging. It is now considered normal for brand-new products to be distributed worldwide. In the past, these products could take years to enter some markets. Now, a new product can be distributed anywhere in the world within a week or a month.

The other major driver of industrial automation is increased productivity. This is a very basic business principle, and it’s the main reason industrial automation is an absolute necessity for manufacturers. The other, less obvious, bottom-line consideration is that the better your industrial automation, the more competitive your business will be in the market.

Looking at Industrial Automation for Your Brisbane Business?

If you’re considering industrial automation or upgrading your existing automation, speak to the experts before you make any financial commitments. This generation of industrial automation can also be called “custom” automation. That’s good news for business, and it can save you a lot of money.

Every business is different. Every business has its own specific needs, and areas of specialisation. Expert consultants can help you with system design, productivity needs and, most importantly, show you what automation can really do for your business. Expect to be astonished by the possibilities.

The truth is that industrial automation can deliver exceptional values. Whatever your industry, automation can effectively improve both productivity and cost values. Consider all the options and talk to the experts; you’ll be glad you did.

Trying to Find Industrial Automation Experts in Brisbane?

For help with industrial automation in Brisbane, call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group. We provide a wide range of industrial automation services for our clients in all different types of industries.  Call (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online to speak to our experts directly about your needs.



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