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New Industrial Electrical Systems

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Modern industrial electrical systems in Brisbane have significantly overshadowed previous systems. Energy efficiency, new system configurations, and “smart” systems are the name of the game. Best practice for modern businesses is to investigate the potential of new electrical systems in terms of productivity, administration and costs.

About the New Industrial Electrical Systems

These new systems are more than just current upgrades; in many cases, they represent a completely new configuration to manage diversified business operations.

Perhaps the best and most prevalent examples of new electrical systems are those used in modern warehousing. Modern warehouses use integrated designs for everything from software through to auto pick systems and more. Everything from the basic administration dashboard system to order assembly and distribution covers a broad but representative range of electrical systems. The Amazon warehouses and new Apple stores are very good examples of exactly how far this new electrical system can go.

The key to understanding the new electrical systems is the concept of “integration”. The power systems, as well as the individual operating systems, are designed to deliver the most reliable performance.

The other key factor in industrial electrical systems is specialisation. All companies have some degree of individuality in their business needs. Modern electrical system design is now fully customisable and extremely cost-efficient.

The Impact of New Electrical Systems on the Market

You’ll have noticed several mentions of cost factors so far, and that’s really the major incentive for electrical system design upgrades. A few of the business values of the new systems include:

  • lower energy costs across the board
  • power system integration on any scale, including grid/solar
  • increased business capacity for industries
  • new systems enable the use of more advanced smart equipment and support systems
  • precision-made electrical systems that are ideal for specialist requirements

The new technologies are adding massive values to industrial operations. It’s a natural effect that much better electrical systems and power systems are achieving much better productivity and improved overall cost values.

Looking for New Electrical Systems for Your Brisbane Business?

If you’re trying to find practical information about new electrical systems for your business, just talk to the experts. You’ll need specialist help, particularly with system design. Look for industrial electrical specialists who also offer system design services and work in areas like industrial plumbing and automation.

These specialists are your one-stop shop for the expertise and advice you’ll need to install your new electrical systems. They’ll be able to give you a full assessment of your business needs and help with system configurations, power systems, CAD design, and more. Expect excellent outcomes and all the useful advice and technical support you need to achieve your goals.

Ask EPG for Help with Your New Electrical Systems

EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group is your instant solution for industrial electrical systems in Brisbane. We provide a full range of installation, design, and consultancy services for a very wide range of industries. Give us a call on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online and speak directly to our experts about your electrical system needs.

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Latest News on Industrial Plumbing in Australia

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Industrial plumbing in Australia covers a diverse range of different industries and types of operations. The mining industry, for example, is a major user of water. Manufacturers also use large amounts of water for their operations. Changing technologies, industrial automation and areas of specialisation are major factors in industrial plumbing.

The huge influx of new technologies across multiple industries has naturally affected the design and operation of industrial plumbing systems. The good news for industry is that “custom” system design is delivering major benefits.

Industrial Plumbing Upgrades Are Huge News for Australia

Improved productivity, cost savings, and new and better options for specialised operations are now the norms for upgrading industrial systems.

Upgrade options include:


“Modernisation” includes a range of back-end operations and major adjustments to water supply for production in some cases. New connections, new hydraulics, better power systems, and better design are delivering major benefits for Australian manufacturers and industries.

Water Efficiency

This is a big ticket item in many industries. In the driest continent on earth, water efficiency is a very valuable asset. Cutting water costs while improving water utilisation is the typical standard upgrade.

Improved Plumbing

Modern industrial plumbing systems are far more advanced than their predecessors. Regulated water flow, ultra-reliable water supply and advanced economics in water usage are the keys to success.

Better Drainage

This rather innocuous-looking upgrade also improves overall system performance. Managing outflows and the movement of water through systems is critically important to basic operations. The new industrial plumbing technologies permit excellent performance and significant cost savings.

How to Improve Your Industrial Plumbing with “Custom” Solutions

Modern industrial design allows for specialised customisation of industrial plumbing for any type of operational system. If that sounds like good business to you, your instincts are right. Thanks to a combination of CAD design and professional expertise, it is now possible to have a tailor-made industrial plumbing system for any industrial operation.

The easy way to manage your upgrade needs in Brisbane is simply to engage expert industrial plumbers to help you with your upgrade and modernisation program. These experts will be able to deliver accurately measured outcomes according to your needs. A “meeting of the minds” with your experts will also help in addressing significant business productivity and finding solutions for cost issues.

Specialist industrial plumbers can also help you with full system design. They can act as a single source for your upgrade needs. It’s a cost-efficient way of managing major system requirements.

Talk to EPG about Your Industrial Plumbing Needs

If you need expert help with your industrial plumbing in Brisbane, call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group. We offer a full suite of services, including system design and consultation for all types of industries and businesses.  Call us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online and discuss your needs with our designers.



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All about Industrial Automation

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Industrial automation isn’t just a media buzzword. It’s a fact of modern life, as new automation replaces human labour. Industrial automation isn’t just robots, either. It’s a whole class of technologies. Some automated systems are designed to deliver multiple operations, too.

Industrial Automation Basics

Industrial automation in Brisbane has been described as the “new Industrial Revolution”. That description barely does justice to the new systems. Industrial automated systems may perform multiple roles, and in many cases, are configured to switch operations from the production of one product to another very quickly. In China, automated systems are typically designed to deliver multiple services for different types of industrial production, for example.

If you’re getting the impression that these systems are extremely complex and versatile, you’re quite right. An added degree of difficulty enters the equation and terms of the different types of specialisation involved in each automated system. Your computer, tablet, iPhone, and even basic household appliances are typically manufactured by these systems.

The Economics of Industrial Automation

Economically, there has never been anything like the current form of industrial automation. Industrial automation is responsible for producing more products cheaper and faster than ever before. These economics are the drivers of automation, and are likely to be the basis of future human economics, too.

Cheaper production means greater availability of products across a much wider global market. Industrial automation is really the natural successor to mass production and its effects are wide ranging. It is now considered normal for brand-new products to be distributed worldwide. In the past, these products could take years to enter some markets. Now, a new product can be distributed anywhere in the world within a week or a month.

The other major driver of industrial automation is increased productivity. This is a very basic business principle, and it’s the main reason industrial automation is an absolute necessity for manufacturers. The other, less obvious, bottom-line consideration is that the better your industrial automation, the more competitive your business will be in the market.

Looking at Industrial Automation for Your Brisbane Business?

If you’re considering industrial automation or upgrading your existing automation, speak to the experts before you make any financial commitments. This generation of industrial automation can also be called “custom” automation. That’s good news for business, and it can save you a lot of money.

Every business is different. Every business has its own specific needs, and areas of specialisation. Expert consultants can help you with system design, productivity needs and, most importantly, show you what automation can really do for your business. Expect to be astonished by the possibilities.

The truth is that industrial automation can deliver exceptional values. Whatever your industry, automation can effectively improve both productivity and cost values. Consider all the options and talk to the experts; you’ll be glad you did.

Trying to Find Industrial Automation Experts in Brisbane?

For help with industrial automation in Brisbane, call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group. We provide a wide range of industrial automation services for our clients in all different types of industries.  Call (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online to speak to our experts directly about your needs.


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Most Common Industrial Plumbing Problems in Brisbane

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“Industrial plumbing” can be anything from a basic tap in a factory to a massive, electric drainage system. Industry uses a gigantic amount of water every day. Industrial plumbing problems can vary in scale from small valves to managing huge amounts of water passing through industrial systems.

Common Problems

Industrial plumbing systems are complex by definition. These systems may be used for just about any type of role, from basic water supply to industrial process areas to large-scale automated irrigation, and a vast selection of other different roles.

Many industrial plumbing systems are also electrically powered, in-house systems which can have their own special range of problems. In practice, the mix of problems ranges from something as simple as a blocked drain to systemic power and plumbing issues.

A few of the more basic problems in Brisbane include:


Leaks are potentially very expensive inefficiencies in any industrial system. This may not be the most glamorous problem to solve, but it is one of the most important. Some industrial systems are perfectly capable of losing thousands of litres of expensive water per hour through leakage. Leaks can also be potentially major safety hazards.

Pipes and Connections 

Pipes and connections are the usual suspects in just about any plumbing scenario. In industrial plumbing, however, they are also potentially very dangerous problems. Imagine the possibilities of large amounts of water getting into complex electrical systems, and/or failing to deliver pressure when it’s needed, and you can see the issues.

Hydraulic Systems

This is a different type of plumbing and hydraulic systems are critical; used for just about everything in commerce and industry. Hydraulic mechanisms need to be carefully managed, and if anything goes wrong, they need to be fixed ASAP.

Power Systems

An enormous amount of power is required to drive some industrial plumbing systems. Without the power, there is no system. It’s as basic as that. The maintenance of industrial plumbing power systems is absolutely critical to many different types of industrial operations.

Old Industrial Plumbing

Older systems are essentially liabilities. These systems may have been great 50 years ago but they are major issues these days. Fixing an older industrial plumbing system can be a pretty thankless task, particularly when the parts required to fix it have been obsolete for decades.

Yes, You Do Need Specialist Industrial Plumbers

These types of plumbing problems are as complex as they sound. Specialist industrial plumbers are required to deal with all the systems involved. Your plumbers may need to deal with power systems, electrical and water connections, switchboards, and much more.

Best practice for businesses is to engage the services of industrial plumbers on an at-call basis. These services are required to deal with possible emergencies and to ensure proper regular maintenance. You can solve a lot of potential future problems with a single phone call to your local industrial plumbers.

Looking for Industrial Plumbers in Brisbane?

If you need industrial plumbers in Brisbane, call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group, we offer a complete range of industrial plumbing and electrical services for our clients. Call us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online.

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What Does an Industrial Electrical Technician Do?

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If you’re looking for a career with a range of different opportunities, consider becoming an industrial electrical technician in Brisbane. This is one of the foremost emerging new careers that cover a vast range of roles.

An industrial electrical technician is very busy with the tides of technology reinventing industries around the world. The electrical technician’s most challenging job is to manage that process.  We’re going to give you an overview of the work of industrial electrical technicians, and the extraordinary environment in which they work.

The Basics of Being an Industrial Electrical Technician

Industrial electrical technicians are electricians, but their roles include a huge variety of different technologies. They’re both generalists and specialists, depending on their career paths. They may be expected to work on totally different types of electrical systems, solving problems and fixing industrial equipment.

The Fascinating Workplace Environment in Brisbane

An industrial electrical technician has a truly varied range of jobs in any environment. At an entry level, they’re versatile electricians. They do the hard work, fixing equipment and dealing with the problems of modernisation.

At more advanced levels, they’re consultants, designers and technical experts, helping to redefine the scope and capacity of industries.  They may work with everything from the latest 3D printing to full-scale upgrades of factories and innovative technologies.

If you’re looking for a job with a future, this job is all about building the future. You can find yourself designing systems for new technologies, or inventing new systems for old industries. This role can include anything from automated factories to robotics, aerospace, and any system using electricity.

It’s a truly important role. Industrial electrical technicians in their 20s are working with technologies and systems that didn’t even exist when they were born. These days, the new tech coming into production is about to revolutionise industry and human life even further.

The Challenges

The new challenges are as much about exploring and developing new technologies as they are about supporting new industries. Modernisation is a case in point.

“Modernisation” may mean totally replacing whole industrial processes with new, advanced processes.  This is a demanding role, involving scientific creativity, excellent design skills, and understanding of the needs of modern industries.

Sounds pretty challenging by any standards, right? That’s just the basic role in this career. In some cases, “modernisation” means creating and designing the new systems from scratch, incorporating the new technologies and working to high performance standards.

The Rewards

The money is good for industrial electrical technicians, with good reason. This is high-value work, delivering real value to clients. There’s no real limit to how far you can progress in this career. In Australia, you can literally progress from being “a man in a van” to a major international business as an industrial electrical technician. If you’re looking for a great career, start here.

Looking for Top-Quality Industrial Electrical Technicians in Brisbane?

If you need industrial electrical contractors in Brisbane, talk to EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group, we offer a complete range of service for all types of businesses. Call us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online.

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Complex Electrical Problems and Projects

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Complex issues aren’t exactly news to modern industrial electricians. The issues may vary, but the degrees of complexity increase over time. New technologies, automation, and the global marketplace have created a range of complex problems. Typical issues include introducing those new technologies and dealing with the various levels of old technologies.

The Big Problems in Brisbane – Obsolescence and Modernisation

People tend to take the endless stream of new products and technologies for granted. The backend of these new products and technologies, however, is a very different ballgame.

Let’s start with the basics:


“Obsolescence” can mean anything from a truly fossilised electrical system to a relatively new system needing an upgrade. Some of the older systems are literally dangerous, as well as being extremely inefficient. Another critical factor in obsolescence is the fact that many older commercial systems are unable to compete in the modern environment.


Modernisation is a critical issue. It’s the driving force for businesses and industries around the world. Modernisation is happening on a vast scale, driven by commercial and societal needs. Modernisation can mean anything from automated factories to new communications systems, education, hospitals, infrastructure, and much more.

A Typical Problem

Let’s use a very straightforward example to illustrate what “complexity” really means:

A company wants to upgrade its production line, which produces a variety of products. The old production line is simply not commercially viable. The company needs to increase production by 500%, cut costs and introduce new systems for new products. The company needs to do this to remain commercially viable in future.

The problems:

  • Power systems for the new production line must be able to deliver the power required for this new system.
  • New wiring and new connections will be required.
  • A new switchboard will have to be installed to manage power systems.
  • The entire old production line will have to be dismantled, and the new system will have to be installed safely and cost-efficiently.
  • Specialised production needs also must be considered, involving various sub-systems and electrical operations.
  • The new system will have to be designed to meet very high standards of production performance for all the different types of products.
  • Backup electrical systems will be required, like auxiliary generators, etc.
  • The new system will have to be fully compliant with all applicable regulations and certified before it can start operations.

These are the basic issues for industrial electricians in modernisation roles. Complexity is built in from the beginning of the project. Performance parameters, reliability, safety of power systems, and above all, meeting operational production requirements are the essentials.

Need Industrial Electrical Technicians for Work in Brisbane?

We hope you found this article informative. If you’re trying to find industrial electrical contractors for modernisation needs in Brisbane, just call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group, we provide a full suite of services for modernisation, including design and installation. Call us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online.

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Blocked Drains and other Problems

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Whether it’s a commercial or industrial business, the last thing you need is for your plumbing to become an issue. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance and care, your drainage system can become blocked, causing a disruption to your business and potential health issues for clients, colleagues and customers.

The question is – what should you do next?

What Causes a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain occurs when there is an obstruction to the water flow in the pipes. These blockages can be caused by:

  • A build-up of fats, oils and grease being poured down the kitchen sink (very common in restaurants, and other food handling/hospitality environments)
  • Trying to flush too much toilet paper or putting un-flushable paper (wipes) down the toilet
  • An excess build-up of debris in the pipework (most common with outdoor drainage systems)
  • Corroded or warped pipes
  • Flushing heavy objects or materials down a sink or drain

Common Plumbing Problems

As well as blocked drains, your plumbing is susceptible to other issues that can cause serious problems. These include:

Gas Leaks

When it comes to your properties gas systems, you need to be extra vigilant. In commercial or industrial environments, this is an essential safety and compliance issue. Ensure that your gas services are fitted properly and serviced regularly.

To prevent a leak from occurring, ensure that:

  • The flame is a crisp blue and not orange or yellow
  • There is no musty smell when using gas
  • Your appliances haven’t got any soot or burning on the outside after use
  • Your pilot light is in perfect condition

Gas leaks can become explosive without notice. If you are worried about your gas system, please schedule a regular maintenance check with our team.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water outages can be a sign that your gas hot water system needs to be serviced or replaced. In a hospitality or accommodation environment, this could result in significant customer dissatisfaction. In other environments related to food, cleaning or industrial operations, a loss of hot water could also relate to hygiene, safety, and compliance.

Other key signs that your hot water system needs maintenance or replacing include:

  • Hot water for an insufficient amount of time
  • The pilot light fails to remain lit
  • There is leaking from the tank
  • The water is too hot – also a serious safety issue

Leaking Pipes

Leaks in your pipes can be a sign of ageing infrastructure. Most common leaks occur in the bathroom and kitchen sinks. However, other leaks can occur in:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Drains

Water leaks can sometimes be a minor issue, but quite often they will relate to more serious problems. With specialist equipment and experience, the team at Electrical Plumbing Group in Brisbane can determine the cause of your leaks. In some rare cases, the leaks could be coming from underneath the building itself.

As a leading industrial plumbing and commercial plumbing business in Brisbane, our team is fully equipped to handle any situation. For more about our services, get in touch with Electrical Plumbing Group today on (07) 3823 1630.

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What to Look for in an Industrial Plumber

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Finding a reliable and professional industrial plumber is essential for any industrial business. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an emergency, you want your plumbing to be serviced by a qualified professional.

Key Attributes to Look for

When it comes to choosing the right industrial plumber for your business, there are some key attributes to look for. These include:

Fully Licensed and Insured

Under no circumstance should you call an industrial plumber that does not hold the relevant licenses and insurance. As a leading industrial plumbing business in Brisbane, our entire team is fully licensed. This allows us to work on any industrial site and guarantees our work is of the highest order.

When it comes to work-sites, no two industrial businesses are the same. This is why having the right insurance cover is essential. Insurance cover ensures both workers and businesses are protected should anything happen while your plumbers are on-site. As a business owner, you want to ensure the money you spend on your plumbing is well worth the investment.


The plumbing needs of an industrial business differ from those of commercial and residential properties. Without the right tools and experience, your problem may not be resolved immediately, which can lead to a range of safety, compliance and downtime problems, as well as other issues.

At Electrical Plumbing Group, we service, repair and install systems for all your industrial plumbing needs, including:

  • Maintenance
  • Backflow prevention and backflow device testing
  • Drainage installation and services
  • Blocked drains
  • Gas fitting and maintenance

With more than 20 years of experience in industrial plumbing, EPG is well equipped to handle any job. We have helped many businesses and industrial sites around Brisbane with their plumbing repairs as well as ongoing high priority services.


When an emergency happens, you want it taken care of as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, not all plumbing companies offer 24/7 and emergency call outs. With EPG, we will respond to your emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible. This ensures minimal disruption, less downtime and greater productivity.


Choosing the right plumber based on the recommendations of other can save you time and money. This is especially the case in industrial circles, where effective, money-saving work is critical and highly appreciated.

Ask industrial plumbing businesses for references from previous clients. Most professionals will be happy to let their work and their previous clients to speak for themselves.

Don’t let your plumbing issues become a bigger problem. The team at Electrical Plumbing Group has more than 20 years of industrial plumbing experience. For more information about our services in Brisbane, contact us today by calling (07) 3823 1630.

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How Often Should You Schedule an Industrial Plumbing Clean?

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Industrial plumbing clean outs are best practice. They’re a great way of keeping your plumbing fully functional. They’re also good for business, in some surprising ways.

The Truth About Industrial Plumbing Cleaning

Industrial plumbing cleaning is a very important part of operating a plant. Your plumbing can take a real pounding when you’re working in top gear, and top gear, of course, is when possible problems happen.

There are some very common problems with industrial plumbing:

  • Particulate matter in the pipes: This is inevitable. It happens as a natural result of your work. The other side of the issue is that you really don’t want any build up of materials in the pipes. These materials take up space, which means the water has less space, which puts pressure on your system and reduces process water flow. The prognosis for this situation can be anything from a busted pipe to serious downtime undoing the damage.
  • Materials in solution: Solutions are formed in water by a vast range of different chemicals and industrial material. They can also form messy cocktails of compounds, even solids, if mixed with other active chemicals and get stuck in your pipes. Believe us when we say you don’t even want to think about the possible costs.
  • Drains and outlets: The expression “down the drain” has a lot to answer for, when it comes to industrial plumbing. That’s exactly where everything goes, and it can make a real mess of your pipes. Sometimes you even get “donations” from people who should know better, putting things in to your system that shouldn’t be there. Clogged drain equals real problems, equals real costs.
  • Sediments: Sediments are residues of materials. These fine particles are heavy, and tend to settle in your pipes, making a real nuisance of themselves and again, taking up space you need for good water flow. Enough sediments, and you’ve got a real problem with a large bill attached.
  • Acidity and alkalinity: Some chemical processes are naturally acidic or alkaline. You guessed it; they also interact with anything and everything they encounter. Most of these compounds get flushed out by a healthy system, but with an older or overworked system, you can expect trouble.

Sorry for the horror stories, but there’s a pattern to be seen in each of these issues. The truth is that the downside possibilities with industrial plumbing systems are all based on maintaining your system.

Best Practice Industrial Plumbing Cleaning

The simple solution for industrial premises owners is that good maintenance really pays for itself and prevents problems. All you need to do is to simply schedule your maintenance every year.

Need an Industrial Plumber in Brisbane?

EPG Electrical Plumbing Group Pty. Ltd are your industrial plumbing contractors in Brisbane. We also provide integrated consultancy and electrical services for industrial and commercial operation. Ring us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us using our online form and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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What are the Requirements for Backflow Device Testing?

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Backflow devices are very important parts of any industrial or commercial operation.  Backflow of polluted or contaminated water in to the water mains can cause serious health issues.

Why Backflow Device Testing is So Important

Backflow incidents may expose businesses to serious legal and statutory liabilities.  If contaminated water gets in to the mains water, the effects can be catastrophic. Many industrial chemicals can be lethal, or cause severe poisoning.

There’s another excellent reason for being “backflow conscious”, too. Backflow is a surefire indicator of equipment problems.  If water flow is backing up, there may be real issues with your processing gear.

Water flow problems don’t just happen. Backflow, in fact, may be considered the canary in the coal mine for many different types of onsite issues.  Any issues are good indicators for equipment that needs fixing.

The usual issues are pretty predictable:

  • Valve issues, O ring problems and other minor repairs
  • Older equipment that needs an overhaul
  • Maintenance behind the eight ball
  • Cracked piping or connection problems
  • Pressure management issues

Now the good news: These issues are also quite fixable. Backflow device testing could be a life saver in cost terms, too. If your testing finds small problems before they turn in to large, expensive problems and downtime.

Backflow Devices Testing Basics

Backflow is covered by state and local government regulations. Specific regulatory requirements may vary, but the basics are essentially the same around Australia. If you’re unsure what your obligations are regarding backflow management, check with your local council.

The following information is based on state and Brisbane City Council regulations for testing, which are representative of Australian backflow device testing requirements.

Under local city rules, backflow devices are required to be registered with the local council, and tested annually by licensed plumbers. A report detailing testing results must be filed with the council.

This testing includes devices used to monitor backflow in a range of onsite systems:

  • Irrigation systems
  • Fire hose reels or hydrants
  • Commercial or industrial activity or machinery connected to water mains
  • Water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals
  • Underground rainwater tanks with mains water backup.

Backflow Testing Devices

Backflow testing devices must be acceptable according to local government regulations. In the case of Brisbane City Council, “Reduced pressure zone, double check and some single check valves are testable backflow prevention devices.”

Testing must show that the devices are working properly and achieving backflow prevention in accordance with council requirements.

The testing needs to be done anyway, for practical reasons. Invest in a good local plumber and get your advice from the experts. Your backflow device testing will be worth it.

Trying to Find a Commercial Plumber in Brisbane?

EPG Electrical Plumbing Group Pty. Ltd  is your local backflow testing services in Brisbane. We’re also plumbing contractors and we can provide maintenance services as required. We offer additional consultancy and expert professional support for systems upgrades. Give us a call on (07) 3319 5068 or drop us a line online and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

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