Blocked Drains and other Problems

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Whether it’s a commercial or industrial business, the last thing you need is for your plumbing to become an issue. Unfortunately, without proper maintenance and care, your drainage system can become blocked, causing a disruption to your business and potential health issues for clients, colleagues and customers.

The question is – what should you do next?

What Causes a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain occurs when there is an obstruction to the water flow in the pipes. These blockages can be caused by:

  • A build-up of fats, oils and grease being poured down the kitchen sink (very common in restaurants, and other food handling/hospitality environments)
  • Trying to flush too much toilet paper or putting un-flushable paper (wipes) down the toilet
  • An excess build-up of debris in the pipework (most common with outdoor drainage systems)
  • Corroded or warped pipes
  • Flushing heavy objects or materials down a sink or drain

Common Plumbing Problems

As well as blocked drains, your plumbing is susceptible to other issues that can cause serious problems. These include:

Gas Leaks

When it comes to your properties gas systems, you need to be extra vigilant. In commercial or industrial environments, this is an essential safety and compliance issue. Ensure that your gas services are fitted properly and serviced regularly.

To prevent a leak from occurring, ensure that:

  • The flame is a crisp blue and not orange or yellow
  • There is no musty smell when using gas
  • Your appliances haven’t got any soot or burning on the outside after use
  • Your pilot light is in perfect condition

Gas leaks can become explosive without notice. If you are worried about your gas system, please schedule a regular maintenance check with our team.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water outages can be a sign that your gas hot water system needs to be serviced or replaced. In a hospitality or accommodation environment, this could result in significant customer dissatisfaction. In other environments related to food, cleaning or industrial operations, a loss of hot water could also relate to hygiene, safety, and compliance.

Other key signs that your hot water system needs maintenance or replacing include:

  • Hot water for an insufficient amount of time
  • The pilot light fails to remain lit
  • There is leaking from the tank
  • The water is too hot – also a serious safety issue

Leaking Pipes

Leaks in your pipes can be a sign of ageing infrastructure. Most common leaks occur in the bathroom and kitchen sinks. However, other leaks can occur in:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Toilets
  • Drains

Water leaks can sometimes be a minor issue, but quite often they will relate to more serious problems. With specialist equipment and experience, the team at Electrical Plumbing Group in Brisbane can determine the cause of your leaks. In some rare cases, the leaks could be coming from underneath the building itself.

As a leading industrial plumbing and commercial plumbing business in Brisbane, our team is fully equipped to handle any situation. For more about our services, get in touch with Electrical Plumbing Group today on (07) 3823 1630.


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