backflow testing device

What are the Requirements for Backflow Device Testing?

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Backflow devices are very important parts of any industrial or commercial operation.  Backflow of polluted or contaminated water in to the water mains can cause serious health issues. Why Backflow Device Testing is So Important Backflow incidents may expose businesses to serious legal and statutory liabilities.  If contaminated water gets in to the mains water,…

spotting faulty wire

How to Spot Faulty Wiring in the Workplace

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: Before we start, please be aware: Faulty wiring can be extremely dangerous. Do NOT make contact with any suspect wiring or systems using that wiring, particularly if it’s a live electrical system. Notify your manager of any wiring issues ASAP. Repairs MUST be done by licensed commercial electricians. Faulty Wiring Basics All…

lights out manufacturing

What is ‘Lights Out’ Manufacturing?

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“Lights out” manufacturing is a fully automated process. It literally means that the production process continues with the lights out, with no human participation.  “Lights out” is also a description of an automation-based philosophy of manufacturing. The name is slightly misleading, in both cases. Operationally, many factories operate automatically, but to various degrees during the…

australian manufacting factory

Australia’s Manufacturing Evolution: A Case Study

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The history of manufacturing in Australia is a strange tale of national perspectives, local and global economics. In early colonial days, manufacturing, such as it was, was mainly consumables. The rise of the agricultural export industries added some acceleration, producing locally needed goods. During the Gold Rush of the 1850s, the demand for gold mining…

automated factory image

The Future of Factory Automation

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Automation is one of the most controversial subjects in any discussion of the future of industry and society as a whole. Some people worry that automation will simply take jobs, without replacing them. Others say that automation is more efficient, more flexible, and inevitable economically. The Current Realities of Factory Automation Factory automation is at…

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