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Complex issues aren’t exactly news to modern industrial electricians. The issues may vary, but the degrees of complexity increase over time. New technologies, automation, and the global marketplace have created a range of complex problems. Typical issues include introducing those new technologies and dealing with the various levels of old technologies.

The Big Problems in Brisbane – Obsolescence and Modernisation

People tend to take the endless stream of new products and technologies for granted. The backend of these new products and technologies, however, is a very different ballgame.

Let’s start with the basics:


“Obsolescence” can mean anything from a truly fossilised electrical system to a relatively new system needing an upgrade. Some of the older systems are literally dangerous, as well as being extremely inefficient. Another critical factor in obsolescence is the fact that many older commercial systems are unable to compete in the modern environment.


Modernisation is a critical issue. It’s the driving force for businesses and industries around the world. Modernisation is happening on a vast scale, driven by commercial and societal needs. Modernisation can mean anything from automated factories to new communications systems, education, hospitals, infrastructure, and much more.

A Typical Problem

Let’s use a very straightforward example to illustrate what “complexity” really means:

A company wants to upgrade its production line, which produces a variety of products. The old production line is simply not commercially viable. The company needs to increase production by 500%, cut costs and introduce new systems for new products. The company needs to do this to remain commercially viable in future.

The problems:

  • Power systems for the new production line must be able to deliver the power required for this new system.
  • New wiring and new connections will be required.
  • A new switchboard will have to be installed to manage power systems.
  • The entire old production line will have to be dismantled, and the new system will have to be installed safely and cost-efficiently.
  • Specialised production needs also must be considered, involving various sub-systems and electrical operations.
  • The new system will have to be designed to meet very high standards of production performance for all the different types of products.
  • Backup electrical systems will be required, like auxiliary generators, etc.
  • The new system will have to be fully compliant with all applicable regulations and certified before it can start operations.

These are the basic issues for industrial electricians in modernisation roles. Complexity is built in from the beginning of the project. Performance parameters, reliability, safety of power systems, and above all, meeting operational production requirements are the essentials.

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