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Industrial plumbing in Australia covers a diverse range of different industries and types of operations. The mining industry, for example, is a major user of water. Manufacturers also use large amounts of water for their operations. Changing technologies, industrial automation and areas of specialisation are major factors in industrial plumbing.

The huge influx of new technologies across multiple industries has naturally affected the design and operation of industrial plumbing systems. The good news for industry is that “custom” system design is delivering major benefits.

Industrial Plumbing Upgrades Are Huge News for Australia

Improved productivity, cost savings, and new and better options for specialised operations are now the norms for upgrading industrial systems.

Upgrade options include:


“Modernisation” includes a range of back-end operations and major adjustments to water supply for production in some cases. New connections, new hydraulics, better power systems, and better design are delivering major benefits for Australian manufacturers and industries.

Water Efficiency

This is a big ticket item in many industries. In the driest continent on earth, water efficiency is a very valuable asset. Cutting water costs while improving water utilisation is the typical standard upgrade.

Improved Plumbing

Modern industrial plumbing systems are far more advanced than their predecessors. Regulated water flow, ultra-reliable water supply and advanced economics in water usage are the keys to success.

Better Drainage

This rather innocuous-looking upgrade also improves overall system performance. Managing outflows and the movement of water through systems is critically important to basic operations. The new industrial plumbing technologies permit excellent performance and significant cost savings.

How to Improve Your Industrial Plumbing with “Custom” Solutions

Modern industrial design allows for specialised customisation of industrial plumbing for any type of operational system. If that sounds like good business to you, your instincts are right. Thanks to a combination of CAD design and professional expertise, it is now possible to have a tailor-made industrial plumbing system for any industrial operation.

The easy way to manage your upgrade needs in Brisbane is simply to engage expert industrial plumbers to help you with your upgrade and modernisation program. These experts will be able to deliver accurately measured outcomes according to your needs. A “meeting of the minds” with your experts will also help in addressing significant business productivity and finding solutions for cost issues.

Specialist industrial plumbers can also help you with full system design. They can act as a single source for your upgrade needs. It’s a cost-efficient way of managing major system requirements.

Talk to EPG about Your Industrial Plumbing Needs

If you need expert help with your industrial plumbing in Brisbane, call EPG – Electrical Plumbing Group. We offer a full suite of services, including system design and consultation for all types of industries and businesses.  Call us on (07) 3319 5068 or contact us online and discuss your needs with our designers.




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