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Blocked Drainage Brisbane

EPG offers a full range of drainage services as part of our broader range of industrial plumbing solutions in Brisbane. We can assist you with all aspects of drainage and drain clearing. We combine eco-friendly and cost-effective technologies to deliver the highest quality services for you.

EPG’s Drainage Services

Drainage is a core component of any industrial plumbing process. Something as simple as a blocked drain can cause serious water flow disruption. This may have serious ramifications for workplace safety, business operations, and productivity.

We ensure that drainage problems are thoroughly resolved while addressing related cleaning and drainage repairs in Brisbane.

Our services include:

  • Drain clearing
  • Drain repairs and construction
  • Drainage unblocking
  • Related plumbing work
  • Backflow system management
  • Backflow device testing
  • System safety checks
  • Thermal and camera inspection services

Commercial and Industrial Drainage Solutions

Drainage problems may relate to materials in the plumbing system, wear and tear on the pipes or older systems in need of an upgrade or repairs. Workplace efficiency, safety and downtime are all major risk management issues associated with drainage systems.

The critical issue for businesses with drainage problems is finding solutions that solve current issues and prevent future problems from arising. A combination of effective systems, best practice maintenance, and system monitoring are the key to managing onsite drainage.

EPG provides a full spectrum of maintenance and repair services based on these principles. We don’t just fix drains and repair pipes; we trace and identify problems to prevent future issues with your drainage systems.

We use the latest cleaning technologies to clear blocked drains, including high-pressure water cleaning and modern diggers to excavate problem areas. We manage backflow risks and ensure compliance with local regulatory requirements.

Call EPG for Fast, Efficient Industrial Plumbing Services

To enquire about our commercial and industrial drainage services, give us a call on (07) 3823 1630 or contact us online. We’ll be onsite as soon as possible, resolving your drainage issues in Brisbane.


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